HER Business Expo

What it the HER Business Expo?

The HER Business Expo is an event welcoming between 200-300 entrants, and designed to exhibit and showcase Female-Owned Businesses and Female Entrepreneurs – as well as provide networking, collaboration and training opportunities for Business Women too!

HER Online Business Expo – 1st to 7th August 2020

Join our HER Online Business Expo 2020 for networking, collaboration and learning from other like-minded female entrepreneurs and business women HERE!

This online event will include…

Live product demos.
Educational workshops, masterclasses and talks.
Business brainstorming and planning sessions.
Motivational, mindset and wellbeing exercises.
And much more!

Approximately 100 of our Superwomen Membership Club members will be exhibiting their products, services and offerings and showcasing their passions and talents to over 15,000 women across our combined platforms throughout the expo week of 1st to 7th August 2020.

If you would like to exhibit please contact us.

Next Offline HER Business Expo TBC

Workshops/Masterclasses TBC.

Ticket Prices

General Ticket Entry – FREE

Superwomen Member Exhibition Stand – £75.00

Non Superwoman Member Exhibition Stand – £99.00

Please note:

We do welcome multiple exhibitors from the same/similar business sectors (as believe there is so much scope for connection and collaboration), however we will do our best to ensure these standholders will be situated separately at the event. 

However, we only allow for one of each type of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Business at this event, therefore any MLM Business Owners must  contact us before booking to ensure their company exhibition space has not already been claimed.  This does not affect general ticket entry.

Sponsorship Packages

Gold Sponsorship – £500 (Logo on screen, social media & programme, prime location stand)

Silver Sponsorship – £250 (Logo on programme & social media, main walkway stand)

Bronze Sponsorship – £125 (Logo on programme & stand space)

Just contact us for more info!

Exhibitor Booking Terms

  1. Promoter to bring own table, cloth & any branding required for stand.
  2. Own Public Liability Insurance is required and should be presented upon booking.
  3. The person booking the stand space shall be deemed to have full authority to do so.
  4. On receipt of the fee and prior to the start of the event, we shall provide you with:
    (a) confirmation of the size and location of your space at the Exhibition;
    (b) the Information Pack; and
    (c) the Exhibitor’s Manual.
  5. HER Business Revolution reserves the right at any time to change the size and location of your space at the Exhibition and accepts no liability for such change.
  6. All materials used for decorating or covering your stand must be of a non-flammable nature and you must observe and comply with any requirements made or instructions given by the venue.
  7. All personnel entering the Exhibition must comply with all fire, health and safety procedures of the venue and will obey all fire, health and safety instructions issued by the venue and/or HER Business Revolution.
  8. HER Business Revolution may (at its sole discretion) suspend the Exhibition, change the date and/or venue for the event for any reason and if you are able to attend the revised event, these Terms shall continue to apply.
  9. If You notify HER Business Revolution in writing within thirty (30) days of receiving notification of the revised event that you do not wish to attend the re-arranged Exhibition we shall reimburse the fee to you.
  10. HER Business Revolution shall have no other liability to you.
  11. If you wish to cancel a booking you shall notify HER Business Revolution in writing prior to the event.
  12. In the event that your cancellation notice is received by HER Business Revolution no later than nine (9) months prior to the Exhibition you will only be required to pay 50% of the fee for the cancelled booking.
  13. In the event that your cancellation notice is received by HER Business Revolution less than nine (9) months prior to the exhibition you will be required to pay the fee in full for the cancelled booking and HER Business Revolution shall be under no obligation to reimburse all or part of such charges, even in the event that HER Business Revolution resells or reallocates the cancelled stand space after such cancellation by you.
  14. In the event that you have paid less than the sums due for a cancellation as set out above, you will pay the balance at the same time as your Cancellation Notice.
  15. Contact us for further information.